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Most Downloaded Apps in 2021



Most Downloaded Apps in 2021

Top 10 most downloaded apps in 2021

Hey Guys, I hope You are good. And Today I'm going to share very important Things about Android Apps. So, I'm going to talk about Most downloaded apps in 2021 or top 10 Most downloaded apps in 2021.


Top 10 most downloaded apps in 2021

  1. Tiktok
  2. Instagram
  3. Facebook
  4. WhatsApp
  5. Telegram
  6. Snapchat
  7. Zoom
  8. Messenger
  9. Capcut
  10. Spotify

#1 Tiktok


Yes, Tiktok Done Their job.  And all around the World tiktok app downloaded over 656M+ download Only for Android Phones. o my god.
Recently, Tiktok Marketing is a big deal for ever. I wasn’t saw like this. They come in market palce and Boom!  They make it sense. Perhaps, in  modern times people likes everything short. And Short Videos also they like. And a Place Where every person can make content and This the main theme of Tiktok and that's make them Top ranking positions. And obviously this download number not for all types of system. I mean this 656M+ download was only for Android.  Now,
You know "how many people in the world using Iphone right now? Oh now you should guess what i want to talk about .

#2 Instagram


In 2021, Instagram App was downloaded over 545M times.
Instagram also become popular apps in the world wide. people changing right now. I see many people who are use Facebook all over the day. But she/he shifted into Instagram. There's many reason,  First off all Instagram security. Second,  all popular celebrity use Instagram more then other social media.

#3 Facebook


In 2021 , Facebook apps was download over 416M times.
I Don’t know how many people in my country have mobile phone but i know that there’s 3X account over my country Population. That's might be funny but I'm serious.
Every single person has a mobile phone and mobile phone's means a Facebook account. Even, i see many people who are illiterate using Facebook. I think Facebook have also done their job. Every person know about them. Even some of people just know about Facebook and without Facebook they're don't know about any website or any social media.

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#4 WhatsApp


In 2021, WhatsApp app was downloaded over 395M times.
WhatsApp going to  get very positive response from their last updated. More people came to WhatsApp from last updated and this app also safe for normal people. Lot's of opportunities have this app. Even i think it's the most advanced for messaging.

#5 Telegram


In 2021, Telegram App was downloaded over 329M+ times.
I think it's very happy news for telegram. because, now people use Facebook and their messaging system. And also another messaging app WhatsApp but still this app performed well.  One thing i noticed that Facebook and telegram download times are not so big different. Even i saw many people use telegram for Their Groups and Channels system. And encrypted messaging also big factor for users.

#6 Snapchat


In 2021, Snapchat was downloaded over 327M times.

In this case, i must say that Snapchat did well. Even Snapchat make Their own namer every list of app. Personally i Don't like Snapchat but this app really fantastic. And see,  Telegram app was downloaded 329M times and Snapchat wad downloaded 327M. Not a big different. But in telegram did well.

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In 2021, ZOOM app was downloaded 300M+ all over world wide.
obviously,  In this Covid-19 people in every sector are using Zoom for video calling, Meeting, Online Class etc. And i thik from 2019-2021 zoom app's was a turning point to catch Their customers and the able to make this.

#8 Messenger


In 2021, messenger App was downloaded over 329M+ times

Facebook continuously interacting Their customers and they Provide also very good service every time. Facebook is well-known Company/app,  as a big company Their Download times are not good. But not so bad.

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#9 Capcut

In 2021, Capcut was downloaded over 255M+ times,

Needles to say, this app has performance wel) in 2021. Such a hard task  for a new App to perform like a magic. I Thikn they did well. As a new app Their market strategy really amusing. 
And as a video edition app i think it’s really hard to make good rank but it did.

#10  Spotify


In 2021, Spotify was downloaded over 203M+ Times.
It's big achievement for Music app. Recently  Spotify lunch Their App In Bangladesh and Others country's too. They are offer very low price and it’s really good medium for release Music for new Artist. Overall, Spotify done their job. In this list i can't think that a music app can be a port of top ten.


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