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How to make RSS Feed For Blogger [For FREE]



How to make RSS Feed For Blogger [For FREE]

RSS Feed make for Blogger

What's RSS Feed?

RSS feed is a version of website that make visibility of your site like a feed

How to make Rss feed for free?

So, if you want to get your rss feed for your blogger site,  then stay with me and learn about this. There’s a simple tools of Google for make RSS feed. We will use this tools for make our rss feed and that's completely free.


Goto this Link ( Google FeedBurner)

after goto link google redirect You for login your Google Account. And after login You will see the interface looks like my screenshot.

How to make RSS Feed For Blogger

In this page (that i maked) write your website address with https:// and www. I give my another website address.



What types Feed are you want to get. I / we need rss feed. So, I select RSS feed. If you want to make ATOM feed you can make Through this website.  Well, now select RSS feed. And Click Next..


Now set two important things about your feed.


  1. Feed Title : it’s display where your feed show. It looks like your website title. I recommend that your website title is perfect for this and it should be not more than 60 Characters.
  2. Feed Address : feed address means after this url what looks like your feed tag name.


When you complete step #3 you will show two information page and just Click on Next in those page



CONGRATULATIONS!  You make RSS feed for your website and this Feed working both types CMS. Blogger or wordpress.


Now Goto EDIT FEED DETAILS and in this page you will find your rss feed address. Just Copy only Original Feed Address.


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