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How to do seo Audit With Google Free Tools



How to do seo Audit With Google Free Tools

SEO Audit With Google Free tools

Google bring some seo tools for free that you can try to do your website Check and You can do your seo audit with google.

I show you some great tools of google and you should use this to for one time or every time because Google provide the best service for everything and I think your website will be great if you try this Google service.

And Obviously I'm show you that How to Improve Your SEO Score. And your total website's bad site. 

Mainly we will learn two tools of google. Which is..

  1. Page speed Inshight
  2. Thik with Google

Now, You think that You know about those two tools. But It's just like a magic.

Those two tools can improve your traffic, SEO Score, Revenue etc.

How? Let me show You.

Page Speed Inshight

  • Page speed Inshight is a  Website Speed Checker of Google. You can easily Check Tour Website Speed. But......  It’s not only websites speed checker but also a full SEO Auditor of Your website. If you Scan Your Website You can Easily Find Most Common Mistake and Problem That You Have done. Let me tell about What's this?


So, Before i start analysis. let me see you what is the main Metrics of Seo AUDIT.


  • First Cpu idle
  • First Contentful Paint
  • First Meaningful Paint
  • Speed Index
  • Total Blocking Time
  • Largest Contentful Paint
  • Time to interactive 

 Now, See This picture.  I Run Page Speed Inshight for my new website  and they provide me a result looks like that.

Google free seo tools

I already mentioned about the result (just name).

From now I just describe all the results and I will teach you how to improve your website speed and also your SEO score of your website.

First Contentful Paint

What is first contentful paint?

If you website's content contain lots of pictures. Yes of course upload pictures, screenshots and etc.

If your pictures or screenshots contain loss of memory I mean if its size are big then it's decrease your SEO score.

If you websites contents all the pictures in PNG or JPG or others types of pictures then it can make your web page loader slowly.

So, according to Google analysis this types of pictures our first contentful paint.

What should you do now?

How to to delete or replace your websites all the pictures?

Here Google suggest you to keep your pictures  in next generation picture.

The next generation picture is WebP . And some of others Extension also.

But Google recommend WebP.

Learn for Google Web.

How to convert Image PNG to JPG  to WebP?

Know, How to convert Image or how to optimise image for seo

Speed Index

Speed index is a web page loading speed Score.

When you visit your website page and Your web Page load in a tine let me show you that The Score of Index Speed.

Speed Index
Speed Index
(In second)


 3.4-5.4  Orange (Moderate)
 5.4- More  Red (slow)

How to improve web page speed?

At first,  follow Previous Link of Image Optimization. And I'm continues on this Topic.

First Meaningful Paint

FMP Is a a measure of Page load speed.

If you know about Lighthouse 6.0 than you should know about FMP.

I don’t talk about this subject too much because it's looks like FCP.

Large Contentful Paint

Large Contentful Paint (LCP) is Little bit Same topic of FCP and FMP.

BUT This Metrics Looks different also. If you load a website page for the 1st time and THIS  TIME THIS PAGE LOAD SPEED is been different from when you second time load this same website's web page.

Because, This method of work for this.

It’s try to make your website speed fast. If your website content(images) is not large.

So, make sure your website's Images are Well Optimize.

Time to interactive

Time to interactive is a one of the Metrics of Our Lighthouse Performance. It's Really mean of your website speed.

It’s very important for our website because, if your website's content are well optimize but It's matter that when your web page load in any device It's take longer time to make visibility of your content.

Now what's?  You Should Take a Audit with google web page Inshight. And See your problem of your Site in Time to interactive.

And also Check why take time for visibility of your content in website.

Total Blocking Time

Total block in time is a matrix of lighthouse experiment. It is determine your web page loading time and it says that how long your web pages loading fastest and your web page or content response faster.

It is measured by first contentful paint and time to interactive. At first, calculate sum of of first contentful paint time and added time to interactive's time. both of time indicate your total blocking time.

How to solve total blocking time problem?

Well, I have some suggest for you but before getting this suggest you have to solve above solution. I mean that in about I talked about some problems and if you solve this problem then the total blocking time is not it will be shown to you because this problem is by large contentful paint and  time to interactive.

Now, I want to suggest you that if you want to solve this total blocking time problems that you must reduce your JavaScript as soon as possible.

Because, this JavaScript is very high standard code that your web page and your browser cannot load faster.

So, solve this problem and reduce your JavaScript from your theme or from your website.

What We Learn About SEO Audit?

Well, It's not easy to Guess that What we learn. Because,  one things we have to know that What's the main problem and error of our website. And than you will make better your website.

So, how to ensure your website problem?

In the above i described all issue.

Please check again......😆

Now,  I'm going to talk about the another Great Service Of Google is that Think With Google.

What is think with Google?

Google think is a tools for check out your website page speed for mobile.

  • This to work well for making speed boost of your website page it is not only source for check your apps speed of your work please it is a whole SEO audit
  • Why I am talk like that because that provide every single report of your web pages you don't need to hire in web developer or you don't need to spend $100 for measure your web speed and increase your web speed. You can easily find out your web pages error and solve the problem.

How can you tracking your web pages speed?

Well, at first open any web browser and search think with Google and click on test my site.

After open this website put your domain name and after completing analysis you will see your web page speed.

How to do seo Audit With Google Free Tools


so is this end?

No now I am going to talk about 

how to speed up your web pages or how to boost your web pages speed.

So, for that, scroll down your current web page(I mean which page is counting your web page speed) and click get full report.


How to do seo Audit With Google Free Tools

Fill up all the information and after given all the information Google sent you a mail. In this mail they provide you what is your web pages speed now and how to speed up your web pages. How to boost your web page speed also there send report of your website errors.

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