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Top 10 SEO company in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi top seo company

Hey guys what's up ? I am Lutfur Rahman. I am today talking about Bangladeshi top so company this all company is not physical and some company physical and some of company online based.


But all the company is so well and well known good not a single company of illegal. so, you can use this all company as well as without not debate.

I make a list of best SEO company in Bangladesh.

  1. SEO Audit Agency - SEO Service in Bangladesh
  2. Best SEO Services 
  3. creative Niloy - SEO Service
  4. Trust SEO BD
  5. Viser X
  6. BizCope
  7. Fox Digital solution
  8. TurtSEO
  9. Freelancer Topic

Here's the list of top ten SEO company in Bangladesh

SEO Audit Agency - SEO Service in Bangladesh

This company is well-known and good rated company. This company provide lot of services. 
Most of common is SEO Audit, Web Design, Web Development, Social Media Management, SEO service, Social Media Management, etc.

1. They provide SEO Service within BDT 21,000 TK.
2. Website Making : They make website for you within 50,000 TK.
And also they provide others service too.


This company is so cool. You can get lots of service from them.especially they provide you SEO service and There’s another service is also you can easily buy.

This company gives much batter SEO Service.
They also Write unique content at good price.

They Provide "Google Business Page" service.

Their SEO service Start at 13,500 BDT
On page SEO : 4,500 BDT
Off page SEO : NA
article write : 1,000 BDT
Bing Business service  : 5,500 BDT

They also provide many service.

creative Niloy - SEO Service

This is actually SEO training centre.  I found this company well rated on Google and also Their Trainer are so experienced.

They provide 2 Types of SEO service.
1.  Local SEO service
2. Advance SEO service

But they are offer very low price :

You can get Local SEO service within 5,500 BDT. 
I don’t know why it’s too low fee!!

And 2nd one is advance SEO service.
They will also  teach  you this one at very low cost.
Which is only 7,500 BDT.

Trust SEO BD

This company is owsame. Because, They Provide service Bundle or package Types.
If you buy a bundle you will get service as a bundle.
They have 2 types bundle 
One is Normal and 2nd is E-commerce SEO service. 

Normal Package is also 3 types

1. STARTER ( BDT 15,000)

Total Keyword : 10 (primary and secondary)

Service : 07 Types

2. BRONZE ( BDT 25,0000)

total Keyword : 20 (primary and secondary)

Service :  07 Types

3. SILVER ( BDT 35,000)

total Keyword : 30  (primary and Secondary)

What's Their 7 types service?
  1. Competitive Research
  2. On- Page Optimization
  3. Link Building
  4.  Local Search Optimization
  5. Content Marketing
  6. Technical All Service
  7. Social Media Marketing
But All the service may very by package types.


I found this company a I'm thinking about it.
One things I noticed when i found out about this company is that Their package prices is so high that it’s hard for ordinary people to buy.
Okay,  now I'm going to talk about Viser x seo company. 
Actually, This agency is based on digital marketing. As well as they also offer SEO service..
They have Three  Types Service.

1st. Standards Plan
2nd. Professional Plan
3rd. Premium Plan

This company owner Faysal Mustofa was a student of BUET.  He was working on Fiverr.com from 2015.

You can get best seo service in bd by this company. They're trusted and 100% helpful.

BizCope | SEO Service Provider In Bangladesh and Digital Marketing Services Provider

Bizcope is a very good company in Bangladesh. They have so many service. Their clients from all over the World but especially From Bangladesh.

They’re working Bangladeshi Top Site like 'Rokomari.com' 'bikroy.com'. This is not a website actually. This a brand.

What's the service of Bizcope?

Actually, They provide so many services like Web Design, Web Developing, Digital Marketing, Website Making, SEO service etc.

Is Bizcope Trusted?

Yes, they're trusted. This company is now working for some of Bangladeshi top company and They’re Full time or permanent Customer of them.

BizCope SEO service

Bizcope seo service is good than others company of Bangladesh. They achieve their most successful name and fame because they are working like rokomari.com and bikroy.com vtm Bangladesh there if your service is so good and they promise that there can increase your revenue more than 117% and they can give your website in top 1 ranking. you can use there is your service with no doubt.

Moshiour Rahaman Shizan
| Bangladeshi SEO Expert 

Moshiour Rahman Sizan is an expert of SEO and he's the experience person from Bangladesh seo service. If you want to make your seo service better than contact with him.
But i don't recommend him too much 😜
he's working from 5 year and have some clients also. working well.

Fox Digital Solution

Before I started review this agency I must say this this that they are not physical company they are totally online based and but they develop this company actually located at their office may be select but I repeated that they are not physical company.
So after that fox Digital solution is also as well good there is your service also good I so there review at their very positive and they have worldwide client also.

now talk about their prices : actually they don't have any demand about their service but actually they are good for the local SEO service.

Fox solution company online marketing agency but formally there provide SEO services and for local market like some website want to get higher rank in their local market service and in local market there want to get there increase revenue and son or increase their visitor as well as others website.


When i list Bangladeshi top SEO companies and I find some best results but in this list I should I have to take this company as number one because this company as good as best SEO BD and lies Bizcop company. But they have so many clients all over the world. their services is good and I can't believe that this company is Bangladeshi.

Now I have to talk about their strategy for their service the use the modern technology and the most advanced technology like moz and ahref,  samuresh, etc and Google analytics on but the medical think is that there they are working from 2 years and the haves work for about more than 3000 client.

Types of Services

Keywords research

TurtSEO service plan is different from others website from Bangladesh. I can see that menu of Bangladeshi SEO company make plan for give service there provide you as your service and also provide you cure research and a few Audit and also on page SEO off page SEO all the service with one plan.
But in this case 3rd AC company make difference plan the gives you different thing in different plan.
Like the make a plan for keyword research.

If you buy their keyword research plan from
Beginner level AT $99 they provide  You 

25 keywords
Trend service
Competitive analysis
Keyword analysis
SEO audit etc.

Intermediate level is from 179 dollar. they give you 

80 keywords
Trend service
Competitive analysis
Keyword analysis
Backlink service
SEO audit etc.

And their advance service is from  $399 they gives you

100 keywords
Trend service
Competitive analysis
Keyword analysis
Backlink service
SEO audit etc.

SEO Services

There as a service is only for on page SEO service. This package is only at $27 and what's that?

Keyword Research
Meta Description Optimization
URL Optimization
Heading Optimization
Content Heading Optimization
Internal Link Optimization
Image Optimization
Page Title Optimization

Delivery within 10 days.

Freelance Topic

This company also highly  rated company SEO company in Bangladesh. Freelance topic company is located at Khulna in Bangladesh.
Provide SEO service content writing service web developing service they also also you can get.....
freelancing training
web development service 
WordPress web design
and data entry service 

I am Just talked about their SEO service.
Provide SEO service good and their plan is too cool.
Before took about their prices discuss about their service. so, at first you will get your SEO search service
which is :
Keywords research
On-page Optimisation
Off-page Optimisation
Local SEO
SEO Audit
Content Optimization
All this service is with one package.

Now I'm talk about their

They have 3 Package.

and then you will gerd on page optimisation and off page optimisation and competitive research and also backlinks service.

So, this is the full details about SEO Company Of Bangladesh. In this list i intentionally make list of all company.
Here, No company are ignored or make them small or big.

Dissimilar : All of above company's information are collected. If You Purchased any Package from them.
Then make a sense that It's Your Risk. And Seohelpzone Will be no Responsible About Any Froude.

-Lutfur rahman dairy

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