Total cost for seo of a website

Total Cost of SEO for a Website

If you looking for a seo experts for SEO of your website. But you don’t about how much cost to setup or fully optimize your website? Don't worry Bddatalab is here actually I'm Lutfur Here and today I'm explain this.

Total cost for seo of a website

Total cost of SEO for a website

Advantages: A website which is optimized well will get more customer traffic. A website that is optimized well will get a higher ranking Even a website that is not optimized will get traffic.

If a website is not optimized then it’ll get a lot of people doing that and they will visit and stay on your website.

So, even if your website is optimized they will get traffic. Web search is the biggest culprit of websites ranking for a long time SEO techniques such as white hat techniques will help you in getting top ranking in web search results.

You can include ads on your website and your website will have bigger chance of ranking on top search engines like google and Yahoo. You can also try add keywords to your website.

How much you can expect in total?

Underneath, you find the most precise and robust infographic that can give you good guidance to look how much do you spend in total.

Ok i will Give you a small calculation.

Suppose,  you want to boost your  sell 100 to 200 

If you want get traffic 100000 visitors per month. You have to pay 1000$

So, if you want to double than you have to pay double. 

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Estimate your cost by calculating

The components of your website Your budget The website project size Your website category The budget divided by year and time span. Let's see these components by each item. 

Types 1 cost

 Website Domain: There are several kinds of domain like .com, .co, .com.sg, .net etc. Cost of a Domain: If you want to register domain name with the A-list Google search engine like google.com, you will need to pay from $9.99 to $39.99 . . A-LIST Website Domain Special Features: A-list of domain may contain these special features.

Google search engine, mobile friendly, write what you want, available in more languages, .edu, .gov, .mil etc. Content: Total quantity of content depends on the website.

Type 2 cost

Off page SEO : total cost 50$+
On page SEO : total Cost 50$+

Type 3 Cost

Keyword research : total cost 100$+

How to get help with SEO?

According to Web Search Engines International (WSEI), in 2013 a website with a high competition level ranking, such as Google's Page Rank or Yahoo's Link Rank has an average cost to market of $31,142.

So, getting SEO specialist is expensive. However, I still can't agree to that idea, it isn't true and it is not only true. I got idea to calculate the cost of SEO after getting several customers from my company.

Few customers got success after my SEO. I got idea how much it costs to provide support and get you customers success. And after completion of my brain storming process and checking with some data from online, I found that it is not expensive at all. Let's see it in detail. Costs of SEO for a website How to understand and estimate the cost of SEO?

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