The 10 Best Tips and Tools for Increasing Your Blog Traffic and SEO (Without Being a Professional)

The 10 Best Tips and Tools for Increasing Your Blog Traffic and SEO

Hey guys! what's up! today I am going to Share the best tips and tricks About SEO for blogger. If you want to learn top 10 tricks and tips for blogging? Just stay here.

The 10 Best Tips and Tools for Increasing Your Blog Traffic and SEO (Without Being a Professional)

Set up a blog for you

Start writing content on your site, especially important thing is to know how to do. Check your title. Title of your blog post should be: interesting, excellent, easy to read, use short words. One of the best ways to choose the title for your blog posts is by Google.

Here's how to find the best keywords in the title: Also, don't forget to include the keyword in the actual blog post title.

If you're just starting out, it's a good idea to start with the most popular keywords and make sure that the more frequently you use a particular keyword, the better ranking you will have for your site.

If you have any questions, make sure to leave your comment and I will do my best to help you!


when you going to published your blog post. Make sure you complete some Research.

Choose the right domain

Domain is one of the most important factor to make your blog thrive. You must have best domain name that has easy to remember names like yours.

A good Domain name is search engine friendly. A well-named domain rank in first few pages. One thing that many newbie marketers don't realize is that the domain is like the CTA of your website.

Without the Domain, you have no way of driving traffic to your website. Idea Engine has the best domain name recommendation that helps you choosing the best domain name for your blog. 

Choose appropriate meta description 

Meta Description is also very important part of any website. If the reader of the post finds your post very appealing and exciting, then the meta description of your post will also have an effect on the click-through rates.

Use Google Analytics

While on the list of 10 Best SEO Tools and Tips, Google Analytics is the only technology that is not included.

But, if you need it for your blog it can be good enough for your blog. If you want to learn how to get full page report on Google Analytics just go to Google. 

Then, click on Search Activity by pages button, there you will get full page report on your website. Categorize Your Blog Content and Add Video Here is one cool trick for creating better SEO for blogger content and better performance on google search engine.

You can go to Google and create image of a search by using search bar, which will tell you what people were searching on Google.

Select the Popular category and enter a few keywords in it.

Create an SEO-friendly blog

SEO starts with creating a great website. Before, you can really spend time in improving your blog, you must make it SEO-friendly.

It's  not enough to have an awesome blog design or writing skills. To know how to optimize your blog for search engines, you must pay special attention to the following elements. Title tag The title tag is the first element that tells the search engine what your website is about.

The title tag should be very short and to the point. Search engines prioritize titles above any other elements on the page. In other words, people are drawn to important and explicit information in titles, while vague words like 'tutorial', 'intro' or 'guides' will probably have very little impact on the search results.

Update regularly

Wait. it is not an spam site. Oh well, see if I won't share the best information and tips because it is a real blog.

These are the best and important tips.

Yes, it includes SEO, organic traffic, and social media. So, let's get started.

1. Use Social Media correctly People tend to post lots of stuff about things they did or how they liked something or they started a job. They post the good stuff and make everything look like their life is perfect. Hahaha! Don't do that. People are not interested in it. All the social media platforms are for advertising, not to share stuff. What people want to know is the results, and not what's going on your life. Don't post one or two photos and few words.

Choose the best time to post your blog post

When I asked this question on Quora.com most bloggers replied saying "on the weekends". It's totally cool, but you may want to try to choose better time, so you can get more visitors and traffic from your blog. According to Google's Feed Ranker,

January is the best time to post blog post and have highest rank. Thanks to optimization tools 

(want to know the best SEO tools to improve your blog search engine rank?)

I have calculated the best time to post a blog post for Google and got this result: Posting a blog post, about the results of black Friday, on Friday, 8 p.m. Eastern Time will get the highest search engine rank of +30. As you can see from the graph, people are getting searching for product name like "black Friday" from 8 p.m. and not from 12 midnight.

Make your posts short and concise, but not too short

In fact, you shouldn't let your posts be less than 1,000 words. Although there are lots of awesome tools that help you to shorten your articles down to a page-sized or even a single-page article, a good rule of thumb is to keep it under 1,000 words. Keep your blog posts clean and well-structured Do not add "sensational" language in your posts, especially in the beginning. An overly simplistic or abstract headline is definitely one way to lose potential readers in the first few paragraphs of your blog post. To learn more, read this post, which has some great tips on writing a better headline.

Link out to other pages on your blog

 or relevant content that is sharable

Stick to a budget to achieve your goals Build on your outreach with Live Chat Comments And learn to attract the best in terms of link juice, if not for the SEO factor then for your readers 1. To make a good search engine result, the top you have to have content. Think about it, your blog is basically like a big diary. It needs to be well written, informative and relatable. The blog should be an extension of your personality. Readers should get to know you personally. This is one of the most important factors for SEO and as a blogger, you should think about this from the start. It is wise to publish an article or an eBook every once in awhile to keep the flow of traffic. Every time you publish an article your search rank might improve for about a month.

Engage with readers via social media
Are you guys bored when you sit at your computer and see a no one online? Are you wondering how to engage with them? Well you are just on right page. There are a lot of ways to gain followers on social media. The two types of social media that I am going to share here is Twitter and Facebook. But I am sure there are a lot more as well I am going to include best posts that will keep your audience engaged, engaged, engaged! One of the top posts that will help you is Snack Food Twitter account that keep their audience engaged for the most part. Also the following # 1 Twitter post will keep your audience engaged for a good part Go Out Of Your Comfort Zone By this, I mean you should try to write blog posts that are a little bit different from what you usually write about.

Share other people's content to grow your own following and audience


1. Create and publish a great post You can do this at first. Have a question? Want to share something interesting and free of charge? Submit it to your favorite blog and see how the discussion starts. Publish a free article, free e-book, free project tutorial or free webinar that will really benefit your readers. Use your social networks to connect with your readers, following and following others. Share cool free resources, news, and tips and also give opportunities to your followers to get in the giveaway. Every website needs at least 2 content owners. Each owner creates the posts and shares them. As a result, they drive traffic, social shares and links to their website.

2. Don't forget that backlinks (even bad ones) really help a lot.

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