How to research keyword with Social media

Keyword research with Social media for free

Hey, guys! Today I'm going to big deal with you and it’s going to big factor for blogging or website. Because, today I'm share a tips a tricks about how to use social media for keyword research Lets have a cheers!!

How to research keyword with Social media

Introducing social media keyword research

So, you've heard or read about social media or how to use it? 

But, you know nothing about using this tool for SEO.

But that's ok, because I’m here to teach you all about it.

I have been using it for quite some time to analyze social activities, trends, habits, etc… And you can learn a lot from this tool?

So, lets be introduced to the subject. 

Today, I will discuss: 

How to use social media for keyword research

How to setup a team on social media for SEO and I would also like to clarify something, I don’t mean advertising, I mean Social Media as a marketing tool.

Also, I would like to introduce you to a tool that you can use to see results fast.

Social Media for Keyword Research

To start, Let me discuss you about keyword research: Keyword Research: Keyword Research is the process of identifying relevant keywords for an online business.

First of all, In today's post, I’ll share you with three steps in this process. And before I begin, I must apologize for taking too much of your time.

Just in case you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know how much I try my best to create useful content that will add value to your life. So, When this topic come out on one of the most popular blog "Black Belt Blogging" In "Black Belt Blogging" of today, this topic touched their readers hearts and got thousand (1000's) visits.

How to Use Social Media for Keyword Research?

The ideal way to use social media for keyword research is that you must start by seeing who are your target audience. You can go to the influencers sites and check out their social media accounts.

You can go to their Pinterest page, Instagram page, Twitter page and it will tell you who the audience is. In some occasions, you will stumble on your target audience.

For example, You may have a business page on Facebook and it may be a paid social media account. You might notice that a big percentage of the people using the page have some common interests.

Step #1

Create a List of Targeted Keywords

Okay! How to do this? Let me give you a simple way to do this. Yes! Choose the target key words.

click on the URL and let you remember your important website URL and comment it that. I’m going to show you how to. 

Step #2

List the Keywords

Now the first thing that you want to do is to create a list of keywords. Do not use Google Keyword Tool for this purpose! ! This is because the same tool will always pick the popular keywords and your website won’t be in the list. You need to work for your own website. You need to think about your keywords for your website! So, that you can own those good keywords and use it as social media keywords and drive more traffic to your website.

Step #3

Find Relevant Hashtags and Topics

How to research keyword with Social media

First, we want to find important topics and questions in terms of your business or product. So, I usually search around for questions and answers with those topics.

After, I go through all the stuff related to those keywords. And I use the most relevant hashtags to talk about that questions and those keywords with that type of hashtags in the discussion part. After that, I post the stuff about it on my blog. My Hashtags: @usemblogger/ Twitter Hashtags: #dubai #TheDubaiDozen #builddubai #eventing #dressage #horsey #equestrian So, If we are talking about events, we can use the #theDubaiDozen, #dubaievents If we are talking about builddubai, we can use the #builddubai.

Step #3

Discover the Content in the Fields You’re Interested In

As I said above, your aim is to discover content in the fields you’re interested in.

That’s because these fields are the same you’re going to find in the posts you’re going to be interested in.

That’s exactly what you should try to do in the next 

step #5

Go to your niche category 

That’s basically what we’re doing now: Gather all the content in a particular niche, even if its in thousands of posts there are some which are unique and all the others which share the same content, So basically there is no such thing in the niche, the content exists in that niche and that content also exists on social media sites. So, go to the category, you’ll have a list of the posts, As I said it’s like a “page” in Facebook or Twitter.

Step #6

Create a List of Related Words and Phrases

How to research keyword with Social media

Before doing anything I recommend you start your keyword research using this tool to find out what related keywords and phrases were shared in the community you're about to get. Now lets' make a list about what we need to learn and get one of these related keywords and phrases. Now go ahead and do your keyword research, and before doing that make a list on how similar your industry's keywords are. And from there you can do your keyword research on different topics.

Step #7

Find Those Related Keywords 

Using keyword research tool I recommend you find and research those related keywords with at least 20,000 public data.

Suppose,  you doing your keyword research for your website.  I advise you don’t try to make content or research content for compare your competitor's key words with yours content

You should choose best keyword research as you want or website topic.


This post will help you achieve your post titles which are more reliable. Now, I want to suggest you one great tricks about using keyword research tool and I want you guys to get it in your mind to explore as soon as possible before your competitor does. Now,

I want to see you guys doing your research and then make your own valuable posts which can get your targeted traffic and many other benefits. Remember, never repeat your search in social media before other people. Always share information which can really come back to you for more information and before someone else does it. Remember that you will attract more quality traffic to your post that will help you get higher leads and traffic to your website.

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