Top 10 seo tips for blogging

The Top 10 SEO Tips for Blogs

In this article i'm gonna show you top secret SEO tips for blog. Let's make a sense of it. Here's the success started

Top 10 seo tips for blogging

Title Tag

What is Title Tag?

So, Tite tag is like a title of anything. It’s the thing that boost your site and optimize your article for Search Engines.

Top 10 seo tips for blogging

For Create a headline use first couple words.

Most of the bloggers, like to use the word "Blog" as the headline.

Great SEO Tip for Blogs:

Example: How to Get More Visits to Your Blog. 

One more way to increase your SEO ranking is to use images. As per the Google's keyword guidelines it's a must to use high quality images.

And don't forget to link back to the source. Use the Google's Checkout plugin to show the quality of your images.

This time Google recommended the next generation pictures if you want to use any type of picture in your website or your blog generation next generation picture there are three types of generation next generation picture which is JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP

So, if your picture is so much size you can resize from website and you can convert jpn or png  into WebP extension.

Meta Description

People will first read your meta description.

So, if your meta description is looks perfect than it will work best.

I mean,I should give a example: 

Suppose, You wanna buy a book from market.  So, what do you do? 

At first you look the books name. And after that you will read this book Description.

In this case,  book name equal Meta description. So, it’s really important.

Look at my meta description. This is so simple and easy to guess. So, write a meta description.

However, don't ever make meta description too short or too long. don't try to describe everything about your website.

You can't say it all in one word. But at least it should be a good 2 to 3 lines. Too short and too big doesn't work. Structure of Title Tag When we look at our title tag we can see that it's too long. It's filled with random words, numbers, and much more.

Let's cut some of the number of words and it will look better, right? We'll talk about this later.

Image Alt Text

So you're a blogger and you have been writing in blog for few months but it hasn't made any business yet.

It's time to make some changes. Blog stats indicate that most of your visitors are using online browser like Chrome, Safari and Firefox. And these browsers have soft search fields. So they use soft search fields for reading your blog posts.

In this situation it would make sense to add a header in your blog using soft words so that even if you're search query isn't clickable in your search bar then the readers would also be able to read your blog posts. So now soft words in blog will show up in search results.

You must make your post more easy for that your readers can read your post easily.

Adding Soft words to the post would be a great thing for blog posts to be clickable.

Internal Linking

First, I want to mention that for blog to get momentum and rank it has to link back to blog articles.So it's a must for this step.

While link back, your goal is to link to each blog article in a nice and proper manner. So it's a very easy SEO task.

So, when an owner of a site want to link back to a website he usually reads the copy and look for affiliate keyword.

Now the second step which search engine will do is to evaluate the referrer. And this is a quick SEO tactic is to notice a click on the link which comes back to website.

External Linking

Make for your guest bloggers Review the resources that make any quality blog Host a great blog/content aggregator Get a high quality author profile Analyze the traffic, amount and quality of traffic.

Top 10 seo tips for blogging

Make a list of guest post ideas Analyze the link quality of the resource (when you find out you got bad links) Highlight the quality of the resource on your blog Optimize and review the article before posting.

List of the top quality blogs Why it's important?

External Linking is the most important aspect of a search engine optimization strategy. It brings the search engines to the platform. It works best when you have a large number of external links. Guest blog is the best way to build backlinks to your blog.

Keyword Research

Nowadays, more and more companies will use the SERP(Search Engine Research Policy) for the keyword(s) that the brand is in need of.

So, unless you are actively trying to reach your target audience.

Top 10 seo tips for blogging

You will not rank for those specific keywords.

Search term optimization is all about optimizing the content that is placed in the SERP for the desired keywords.

This is the single most important step that will ensure ranking for that relevant keyword. If you have to write for local business, optimizing for the keyword phrase that is popular for that area will be a good idea. If you have to write for an online business, optimizing for the term that users searching for and how will be relevant for the business will be a good idea.

Content Optimization

Search Engine Optimization makes blog hot and attractive place to visit. There is lot of statistics given out by Google. If you just pay attention you will realize the core word of SEO.

SEO makes blog popular for all. There are many, many of blog websites already online. Search engines consider them their links as the links. Blog ranking has a lot of importance.

Then what is SEO? SEO makes your blog site the popular link by using every possible trick that Google can come up with. Makes blog viral by your blog content. It is all the about Google Here is the secret that if you ask Google for a tip, Google will give you the secret. Search Engine Optimization SEO/SEM is about SEO the search engine optimization. You can read every single aspect about Google.

Length of Content

Let's discuss about the length of content. A website designer is not someone who can show the output of a company with mere few pages of text.

Top 10 seo tips for blogging

He/she is someone who can give any company the best output. It has nothing to do with the length of content. Don't let your traffic turns into 30% or less.

Limit the size of the websites. Here's an interesting fact. People will stay longer to read a webpage if they read more than 7 words on it.

That's the number of words your title should reach. Originality Art, History, Fiction - originality are in demand. It's not every time that the search engine will find a webpage similar to what you have done.

So, before you take a decision, make sure that this should be your great source. Write something original.

Link to Your Other Blogs

You should post in other blogs related to your blog if there are valuable information.

Link to your blog In the end, you should link to your website and facebook page. 

I mean, get people to check out your posts and stop lazy things.

Link to your Twitter Account Great success. Check it out Link to Your Facebook Page Never mind that you are small fish in a big ocean.

Check Facebook and make sure to pay a visit to your fan page, it gives a great place to make interaction and promote yourself. 

Use The Right Keywords in Your Blog Post Keywords help search engines to find out what the keywords is and where they are placed. Don't share the links in your blog for blog without the right keywords.

Links to Your Social Media Accounts

Your website’s going to be the least used tool of your in your business and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will be the best known method of finding visitors and users on your site.

That's why, the majority of your investment in marketing shouldn’t be in buying SEO services like Local SEO, PPC advertising. You'll get more from your hard earned money if you instead, add or build out a few social profiles, and comment on posts, share links, and share engaging content in the comments section.

What this does is to help you increase your organic traffic. If your content is good, your visitors will enjoy the trip and share your content with others. This is your way to increase your social sharing ratio.

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